About us

Business Value Partners is a community developed by experienced business leaders for emerging businesses

Business values that deliver long-term growth

To grow and remain competitive you need a sustainable business network that delivers connection, collaboration and community. So that you get personal growth, strategic insights, organisation development and business opportunities. In an environment that is stimulating and enjoyable so that you stay the course.

Our members typically stay with us for many years. Showing that our effective partnerships deliver lasting value and performance for our members.



Enjoy fast-track access to industry leaders, sector specialists and growth companies in Melbourne, Victoria, nationally and internationally.



Build your profile in our strong community so that you become the go-to person in your industry. In turn, you’ll have trusted people you can rely with relationships that you’ve nurtured through connection and collaboration.


Use our knowledge and mentoring support to foster and benefit from the valuable connections you develop.

Led by highly experienced business growth specialists

Our leadership team has decades of experience helping our membership. We scour the world for the trends and connections that will be the difference that makes the difference for your business

Robert Ford
Robert Ford

Robert Ford

As a dynamic and experienced leader, Robert has a keen grasp of today’s complex business landscape.
At Business Value Partners, he spearheads a thriving network for Melbourne’s emerging business leaders by leveraging his extensive professional experience and industry acumen.
He brings a solid track record from senior roles in the banking and finance Industry with Australia’s top banks. He was previously the CEO of Victorian Leaders business network, providing business owners with valuable connections and resources.
He has a Bachelor of Business (Finance) and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Wendy Born

Wendy Born

Executive Leadership Coach
Wendy Born excels in leadership coaching, enhancing performance, encouraging accountability, and building trust within teams.
She is a distinguished business coach with over 25 years’ experience across various sectors. As an author and a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, she uses her extensive background to guide leaders towards achieving high performance and the ‘WOW-factor’.
Her approach is defined by robust stakeholder engagement, a client-focused outlook, and a strong sense of humour. In Wendy, leaders find an inspirational figure driven by expertise, commitment, and charisma.

The specialist advisors serving our members

As business owners, you may only have a few professionals you can confide in – usually your accountant, your lawyer and your financier.

At Business Value Partners we have partnered with a select group of specialists to bring you knowledge, insights and resources across the full range of business topics. Vastly expanding and speeding up your company’s ability to scale.

At our monthly session, we share with you emerging trends and how you can take advantage of them. So that you are continuously learning, and growing and improving your business.

It also makes business decisions easier when you have a panel of experts to advise you on the implications of the options you’re considering.

And remember, none of the other members are your direct competitor. So these insights remain exclusive to you.

Create your own advisory board with access to our panel of specialist advisors

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